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Indoor plant consulting, reiki and creative digital intensives to help you create the space, life and business you love.

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I want to help you unlock your purpose and create a home and business that supports your life and dreams.

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10 October 2021

Houseplant re-potting workshop

Want to give your sickly and neglected houseplants some new life? I’ll show you how to prune, repot and clean your plants so that they are happy and growing.

Price – R350 (Includes all potting soil, 1 x pot plant to repot into (13cm – 30cm), any other growing mediums required for repotting, Goodie bag with HerMerakai plant care spray and fertiliser, potting scoop and voucher from Happy Life Plants, 1 x free coffee and tea )

Place: Happy Life Plants at Lifestyle Home and Garden Centre (10 pax)

Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm and 1pm-2pm

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Indoor Plant Services

For Individuals and businesses who are tired of the plant overwhelm and need 1:1 plant care advice, workshops or indoor landscaping to create a beautiful, green indoor space.

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Digital Creative Intensive Day

Ready to create a website and Instagram brand that resonates with your ideal customers and supports your life?

I’m here to help you level up and show up on Instagram and craft a website that engages visitors, delights them and converts visitors into paying customers in just 2 Days

Holistic healing

Book a Reiki healing session or spiritual reading. Reiki can help you become more self-aware and more confident about allowing positive changes in our lives as you become happier and healthier.

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meet Nkhensani


Hey Lovely! I’m a UX/UI analyst and digital marketing expert turned indoor plant consultant and educator.

3 years ago I was depressed, I had no clue who I was and what I wanted for my life. I decided to change that and truly dive into my healing. I got certified as a Reiki Practitioner, I turned my home into an indoor jungle oasis and I started living as my authentic self and started sharing my journey on IG.

In just a year, my passions have turned into a thriving business and I’ve grown an online community of over 10k followers, I’ve launched two plant care products, I have sold over 15000 products and served hundreds of thousands of happy clients and customers.

Who would have known that my self-healing journey would unlock my life’s purpose?

I want to help you find healing and create a home and business that aligns with your purpose.


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