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The Yogi moss pole is beautiful, functional and allows you to play around with its shape to best suit how you want your plants to grow (because we all know that all plants grow differently), stands out as an interesting art piece to your home. If you are looking for a beautiful and functional moss pole for your climbing or your vining plants. this is it.

Each Yogi moss pole is handmade making it unique. Made from 100% sustainable growing mediums and 100% locally made.

They come in 2 sizes the midi and the large and you can choose from the coco coir to the sphagnum moss. Pre-orders are open and delivery starts 3rd January 2022.

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Benefits of using a moss pole:

  • They provide support for climbing/vining plants to grow upwards. The aerial roots can easily attach to the growing medium, securing the plant and encouraging its growth.
    • They often help plants progress through to maturity. Taller plants think they’re closer to the sunlight at the top of the rainforest canopy and make changes to capitalize on that. Potentially leading to larger plants, larger leaves, fenestrations and more.
    • They’re a space-efficient solution. I get it, we’re all low on counter space for new plants, but climbing plants can be trained to occupy vertical space instead of horizontal.
    • They can make unruly plants look really good. We’ve all got that one vining species that looks like all stem and no foliage sometimes. By integrating the stem of the plant with the central pole, it visually removes the stem and highlights the foliage.

Moss vs Coco- coir:

Sphagnum moss makes for a great support material as its water retentivehighly resistant to rot and its fluffy consistency is easy for plants to root into.

Coco coir is a material made from the husks of coconuts and has many of the same qualities as dried sphagnum moss.

The coconut fibre is still water-retentive (though not as much as sphagnum) and is also resistant to breaking down.

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growing medium

Coco coir, Sphagnum moss


65cm, 1m


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