• HerMerakai – Organic Plant Fertiliser


    A slow-release, all-purpose natural organic fertiliser made with earthworm castings. Helps restore the natural balance and structure to soils, helps your plants stay healthier and produce new growth.

    Can be used on houseplants and outdoor plants, seedlings and lawn.

    This fertiliser is full of natural antibiotics that prohibit certain fungal attacks in seedlings and cuttings.

    It will not burn your plants.

    Pour 1cm layer onto soil or can be made into a fertiliser tea.

    Delivery – Please allow up to 7-14 Days to ship Plant Care Summer Sale Products.


  • Plant care combo – Plant care spray + Fertiliser


    This is the ultimate plant care combination.

    The 500ml Hermerakai Organic plant care spray and the 400g HerMerakai Organic plant fertiliser.

    Delivery – Please allow up to 7-14 Days to ship Plant Care Summer Sale Products!

  • Yogi Moss pole by Her MerakaiYogi Moss pole by Her Merakai

    Yogi Moss Pole


    The Yogi moss pole is beautiful, functional and allows you to play around with its shape to best suit how you want your plants to grow (because we all know that all plants grow differently), stands out as an interesting art piece to your home. If you are looking for a beautiful and functional moss pole for your climbing or your vining plants. this is it.

    Each Yogi moss pole is handmade making it unique. Made from 100% sustainable growing mediums and 100% locally made.

    They come in 2 sizes the midi and the large and you can choose from the coco coir to the sphagnum moss. Pre-orders are open and delivery starts 3rd January 2022.